Managed vs. Shared Hosting – Which Type to Consider

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Before deciding on a web host, it is important to know that web hosting is available in many different variations. Two of the most common forms of hosting are shared and managed hosting. While quite similar, the differences set these types of web hosting apart by far.

Differences Between Shared and Managed Hosting

Shared hosting services are meant for small to mid-sized websites. In fact, the moment your website moves to the mid-sized category, it is recommended that it should be upgraded to a managed hosting plan.

Most of us start out hosting our websites on shared servers, so we don’t come across the word ‘managed’ at all. The term only really applies once we start looking for VPS hosting, semi-dedicated hosting or dedicated servers.

What is the difference between the two types of hosting services and what will you get additionally when you upgrade? We will explore these points in the following guide.

Server Sharing

Shared Hosting – In shared hosting, your website and emails will be hosted on a shared server. There could be hundreds of other users on that same server. Bandwidth, processing power, storage, memory – everything has to be shared between these accounts.

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