VPS vs Dedicated Server? Choose The right Service For You

Please, first ask yourself, “do I need a Dedicated Server?” … 9 out of 10 people think they do need a dedicated server thinking a dedicated server will perform much faster than, say, a VPS. Unfortunately, that is not always true, and is the kind of thinking that can cause a lot of new startup businesses (and even existing businesses) to waste much money unnecessarily, and fast! Usually, most dedicated servers cost around 3-7 times more than a VPS. In that case, why use a dedicated server when a VPS usually has far greater specs when it comes to Storage, CPU, RAM and Network Port Speed.

To save money, and get the most server resources at the same time – you should try services in the following order: Shared Hosting (also known as Web Hosting) –> Virtual Private Server (VPS Hosting). If you have no luck with Web Hosting or VPS Hosting services, only then should you try a Dedicated Server. For example, if you need far greater server resources than a VPS can offer (very rare is this the case for the majority of small to medium websites). However, before jumping into the dedicated server route, we highly recommend you to check our other hosting services first such as SSD Web Hosting, SSD Reseller Hosting and Managed SSD VPS. If you are unsure on which type of service you need for your project(s), please get in touch with us and give us an idea of what kind of website you are going to be running. We can advise you on which is the best service to use for your project, depending on your budget and other requirements.

Do you have an Unmanaged VPS or Unmanaged Dedicated Server from a different company? No problem! We manage them too. Check our cPanel Server Management page.

If you would still prefer a dedicated server, then we can offer you a Fully Managed Dedicated Server with cPanel in France and Canada locations to suit your needs. Our servers are available running CentOS 6 or CentOS 7 operating systems, and we always use high-quality premium components in our Dedicated Servers with Intel processors.

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